About Us

Fund Cause-Give as You Shop

Hi, my name is Norton Harrington and I am the founder of Fund Cause. If you are anything like me, you like to help others by donating to your favorite charity. Many of us say that we would donate more often to that charity if there were an easier way to do so. With that thought in mind, I set out to create an easy to use online platform that would make supporting your favorite cause fun and easy.

I called this platform Fund Cause and it is the number one choice for people all over the world who want to donate to charitable organizations every time they shop online. With Fund Cause, we make it easy to shop online and fun to donate to a charity of your choice. Join Fund Cause now and experience an easier way to donate today!

How Does Fund Cause Work?

Fund Cause lets you effortlessly donate to your favorite charity by taking a percentage of everything you spend shopping online with us and giving it directly to a charity of your choosing. The more you spend, the more you donate. You don’t spend a penny more and you still have the satisfaction of giving to a good cause. With just 3 easy steps, you can help others around the world.

  • Click on The Charitable Organization You Would Like to Help
  • Click on Your Favorite Online Store
  • Go Shopping! A Percentage Will Be Donated free to Your Chosen Charity

From Amazon and other big name online shopping sites, to your favorite online boutique and specialty websites, Fund Cause has them all. Join Fund Cause today!