Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.  How does Fund Cause work?
  •  A.  Fund Cause is associated with many known retail shopping websites.  When you shop at these online stores, through Fund Causes’ website, we receive a referral commission for your purchases.  We will contribute part of this payment to the Cause of your choice!
  •  Q.  Is it safe to buy through the Fund Cause website?
  •  A.  Yes, because they are the same websites you are shopping online through now.  The only difference is that when you use Fund Cause, you are contributing to your chosen Cause!
  •  Q.  How does my chosen Cause get funded?
  • A.  Fund Cause receives a referral commission from the purchases you make online, through the Fund Cause website.  After Fund Cause is paid, usually within 60 to 90 days, Fund Cause will send a contribution to your chosen Cause.
  •  Q.  How much does my chosen Cause get from my purchases through the Fund Cause site?
  •  A.  Most of Fund Causes’ contributions are between 1% and 4%, depending on the store, item and price.  It may not seem like a lot, but with everyone buying items through the Fund Cause site links, it all adds up for your chosen Cause!
  •  For Example:
  •  Q.  Can I get my chosen Cause organization signed up for contributions through Fund Cause?
  •  A.  Yes you can!  Contact us here:
  • Q.  Can I fund different Causes with separate purchases?
  •  A.  Yes, you can fund different Causes.  You just have to go to that Cause’s website, within the Fund Cause website, and make your purchases there.  Then your Cause(s) will get a contribution from your purchases.
  • Q.  Must I sign up to contribute through the Fund Cause website?
  •  A.  It is not necessary to sign up to contribute.  But, if you do, you gain the benefits of receiving updates about new retailers and occasional specials that they offer.
  • Q.  Will I get a confirmation for my purchase?
  • A.  Your purchases take place directly with the store’s website.  You will not get a confirmation from Fund Cause, but you will get a normal receipt from the store you purchase from – just as usual when buying online.
  •  Q.  Is there a percentage of the purchase price paid by all stores?
  •  A.  Many stores pay a percentage of the purchase price, however, some will pay a certain amount for a qualified transaction.




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